10 Year Anniversary of the R.I. Blue Star Moms: Letter from President Rhonda Ziehl

Hi Sisters

10 years ago this month 8 mom’s got together in a restaurant to provide love, friendship, a shoulder and support to each other as their children deployed.

Imagine where we would be today without these extraordinary 8 women who cared enough about each other to form the RI Blue Star Moms Chapter.

The original founders were Donna Ponte, Joyce Courtney, Sue Lavoie., Lisa Normandy, Marcia Buehner, Lynn Sampson, Mary Ellen Cimino & Rennie Simmons.

MaryEllen & Rennie continue to be active today and everyday for the past 10 years!

We all have our unique story of how we found out about the RI Blue Star Moms. I believe I would still be searching for comfort if a dear friend (Tom Poole) hadn’t clued me in to this wonderful Group!

Everyday I am thankful to our Endowing Eight for caring enough about each other to start the RI Chapter! They have helped us grow, provide guidance, laughter, comedy and most of all compassion as we all share our deepest
thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Thank you doesn’t convey the depth of my gratitude


– Check out our webpage for the story behind our founding written by Rennie Simmons:

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