Our History

Since the RIBSM chapter has been in existence, we have expanded in size and have all branches of the military represented. We welcome all who have a relative in the Military family including but not limited to wives, aunts, grandmothers etc.

We do hope in the event you need the RIBSM group at anytime, please reach out.
Some one will reach back. We offer a safe place to share thoughts, concerns, and
any personal stories which are kept solely within the group.

Blue Star Mothers of Rhode Island
PO Box 40938
Providence, RI 02940
(401) 426-9792
ribluestarmoms @ gmail.com





Current and Previous Administrations

In 2006, during the height of the War in Iraq, a small group of women founded the Rhode Island chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America. Like many of us, they had a great need. Tremendous love, pride and fear which bound them together. These women gave us more than they can ever know. Without the Blue Star Moms many of us would be alone. Our founders were: Donna Ponte, Joyce Courtney, Sue Lavoie, Lisa Normandin, Marcia Buehner, Lynne Sampson, Mary Ellen Cimino and Rennie Simmons. There will never be words to adequately thank them.



                       Officers- 2018-2019

President – Jenn Ahrens 

Vice President – Mary Grace Marceau
Secretary – Linda Markley
Treasurer – Joanne Wallace
Financial Secretary – Ann Enos



Officers- 2017-2018

    • Board member Rhode Island Blue Star MomsPresident – Betty Leach
    • Vice President – Jenn Ahrens
    • Treasurer – Joanne Wallace
    • Assistant Treasurer – Rennie Simmons
    • Secretary – Dorothy Healy
    • Chaplain – Doreen Holmes
                • Membership – Rennie Simmons


Officers- 2016-2017

    • President – Rhonda Ziehl
    • Vice President – Pat Casey
    • Treasurer – Linda Condon
    • Financial Secretary-Shirl Guiliano
    • Secretary – Lori Moniz
    • Chaplain – Tanya Smith

Officers- 2015-2016

      • President – Rhonda Ziehl
      • Vice President – Pat Casey
      • Treasurer – Lisa McGuire
      • Financial Secretary-Linda Condon
      • Secretary – Lori Moniz
      • Chaplain – Tanya Smith